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Microtech Gefell M930

Microtech Gefell M930Ts

Microtech Gefell M930

Microtech Gefells compact successful model

  • one of the smallest large-diaphragm microphones ever
  • due to extremely low self-noise (7 dBA!) and high SPL (142 dBA) perfectly suitable for both very quiet and very loud signals
  • can inconspicuously be placed
  • neutral mids (in contrast to the Neumann TLM103)
  • moderate treble boost above 6 kHz for more brilliance
  • slightly bright, transparent sound
  • the M930Ts is additionally equipped with a Pikatron 1:1 transformer which makes the signal a nuance fuller and 'good-natured'
  • manufacturing period: M930 since 1999, M930Ts since 2011
  • available are a pair of M930's incl. stereo bars and a single M930Ts (the price is for one microphone)

Favourite applications: universally applicable. Voice studio, stereo recording (ORTF, X/Y) e.g. of chamber music, accent mic for classical concerts, vocal recordings etc.

  • 1 Day20 €
  • 2 Days34 €
  • Weekend
    44 €